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CyanogenMod PSP C

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CyanogenMod PSP C
This isn't a port of CyanogenMod for android, it's a project created from scratch. It will never allow you to run android apps, the psp system doesn't have the hardware capabilities to run android. It's purpose is similar to that of "iR Shell", but with a UI inspired by CyanogenMod. If developers are interested, feel free to contact me through my email:

Version : Beta Build 2.3

Release Date: 2014/10/31

Notes for this version: Features:

Added Gmail app - only opens the mobile version of on the internet for now.
Added zoom function (using the analog - up/down) when viewing images. (Still needs more work)

Fixed battery bar and time being showed in the RAM menu while using quick settings.
Fixed graphical glitch encountered when pressing the home button or circle/back button when returning to home screen.
Fixed a bunch of memory leaks.
Fixed freezing issue in multi-tasking menu.


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