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CyanogenMod PSP C

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CyanogenMod PSP C
This isn't a port of CyanogenMod for android, it's a project created from scratch. It will never allow you to run android apps, the psp system doesn't have the hardware capabilities to run android. It's purpose is similar to that of "iR Shell", but with a UI inspired by CyanogenMod. If developers are interested, feel free to contact me through my email:

Version : Alpha Build 1

Release Date: 2014/06/11

Notes for this version: Features:

Added android default fonts.
Added internet functions - Still needs a fix.
Added touch tones - Well.. 'button' tones. (only works when using the cross button)
Added app drawer effect.
Includes app drawer.
Added notification slider.
Added battery functions - On top also includes charging status icon.
Added power menu.
Added pointers in home and app drawer.
Revamped notification slider.
Added lockscreen - Still needs more work, but it works. (Pressing L locks the screen)
Added about screen - When selecting 'settings' in the appdrawer, it directly takes you to the about screen.
Added recovery menu - Press R+X while in the home menu. (Recovery menu includes various options)
Revamped power menu.
Added functions in power menu, to access recovery menu, and exit to xmb (Power off)
Improved navbar, added highlighting effects.
Added navbar functions.
Added model functions - Displayed on the about screen.
Added more lockscreen functions - W.I.P
Added multi tasking menu - W.I.P (Select the 3rd button on the navbar)


Fixed buggy notification slider.
Fixed lockscreen crashes
Fixed a bunch of crashes in appdrawer, and exiting home due to un-organized code >-<
Tweaked notification slider.
Fixed cursor from leaving the screen.
More functions and fixes.
Removed a bunch of unnecessary code causing conflicts.
Optimized and re-organized code for better performance.


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