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VHBL (MyStylist version)

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VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) is a homebrew Loader for the Playstation Vita. It allows you to play fanmade games and emulators on the PS Vita

This version is compatible with PS Vita 3.15 and below

* To install
Download the VHBL files below and copy them to your PSP Savedata on the Vita using OpenCMA

* To run the exploit:
run the Mystylist game, load the savedata, then go to options and select “Save Game”. This will trigger the exploit.

Version : v1 (r204)

Release Date: 2014/05/25

Notes for this version: Initial release

Important:Several people have contacted us to let us know that this version is not working and causes a crash inside the psp emulator. We are looking into the issue and will publish an update asap.


Find download links for VHBL (MyStylist version) below.

VHBL for MyStylist - v1 Download from (indirect link)
VHBL for MyStylist - v1 Download from (direct link)