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Ubuntu 12 PSP Shell

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Ubuntu 12 PSP Shell
Ubuntu is a complete desktop Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. This is a PSP Shell made from scratch that is programmed in LUA. The Ubuntu community is in no way affilated with this project.

Version : Alpha 1.7

Release Date: 2014/02/6

Notes for this version: - Removed unnecessary files and codes
- Added icons names (below icons in ubuntu's default font)
- Fixed cursor not displaying in home folder
- Added downloads folder (not yet functional)
- (x) button to close folders and such are now functional
- Includes wallpapers (Press L and R)
- Fixed wallpapers being set to default after reboot
- Added help menu (press triangle)
- Fixed cursor locations for the "Welcome to Ubuntu" page
- Added login screen
- Added settings and appearance menu (Not yet functional)
- Optimized code for better performance
- In settings menu you're able to click on some of the options but they're not yet functional. (can only be closed and opened)
- Fixed cusror locations for shutdown prompt
- Fixed cursor location for volume button.
- The volume button now highlights once it has been clicked. (press circle to return)
- Fixed settings background (Appeared glitchy at first)
- Power button also gets highlighted


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Sendspace Download from (indirect link)