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Ubuntu 12 PSP Shell

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Ubuntu 12 PSP Shell
Ubuntu is a complete desktop Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. This is a PSP Shell made from scratch that is programmed in LUA. The Ubuntu community is in no way affilated with this project.

Version : Alpha 1.4

Release Date: 2014/01/25

Notes for this version: - Added Bootscreen
- Added Sidebar
- Added and Improved Menu bar
- Added system applications (default) These include terminal, file manager, and psp craft for gaming ;)
- Improved background color
- Terminal now loads up. I'll soon implement an input system, and as you type in certain commands to carry out certain functions.
- Comes pre installed with my very own game created from scratch, PSP Craft (0.7) and PSP Extractor v1.2 (Ubuntu Optimized)
- Fixed error codes being displayed, when clicking the circle button to return to the desktop.
- PSP Craft now works without ANY errors
- Extractor crash has been fixed.
- Home menu added.
- Power menu, for exiting the shell.
- Pressing both L+R button, is a shortcut to accessing the Terminal.
- Fixed home button (It would only open if you held down the "X"(cross) button on the home folder.
- New Eboot Ui
- Fixed many bugs, that displayed errors when exiting apps.
- Added power menu.
- Added shutdown prompt
- Fixed Shutdown and Cancel button.
- Fixed cursor locations for the power menu.
- Fixed cursor locations for shutdown dialog.


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