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Multiman Cobra-USB Manager (mmCM), previously known as Multiman, is a File Manager for the PS3. Designed for CobraUSB dongle owners, it also works on other Custom Firmwares.

Version : 04.11.00

Release Date: 2012/11/11

Notes for this version: * Added option in "Settings" - Fix Broken Blu-ray Movie Playback
The function will rewrite DRL/CRL hashes if there is a mismatch
and will fix "Playback Prohibited" error on 3.41/3.55/4.21/4.30 firmwares.
Option also availabe in control console via telnet to port 8080 (rcp vtrm / rcp vtrm update)
* Credits to graf_chokolo and glevand for all their work!


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multiMAN ver 04.11.00 BASE CEX (20121111) Download from (indirect link)