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Open CMA

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Open CMA
Note: looking for Sony's official content manager assistant for ps vita?

Open CMA is a patch by Virtuous Flame to prevent the PS Vita Content Manager Assistant from connecting to the internet.

The PS Vita comes with a Content Manager Assistant to copy save files that requires you to be connected permanently to the internet. This system is here to force you to update the Vita when a new version is available. In addition, it might be inconvenient for you to be constantly connected when you want to copy your files from and to the Vita. This patch is here to help you with this situation


- extract the archive in your CMA folder (program files/Sony/Content Manager Assistant by default)

- quit the CMA (content Manager Assistant) if it is running on your PC

- execute "run.bat" (you need to run it in "Admin mode" on windows 7

- That's it, now the CMA should run without requiring to be connected to the internet

Version : Unofficial 4.5

Release Date: 2012/10/17

Notes for this version: This Version is built on Virtuous Flame’s OpenCMA; This is unofficial as it is not by VF. Credit goes to him however for his dedicated hardwork and amazing talent on OCMA. This R4.5 Version & Tutorial is by myself (Jd8531)

-Easier to Install and Setup
-Optimization for Windows XP (There still may be some issues, XP is outdated and its recommended to use this on Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8)
-Freezes and Bugs during install

1. If you have any type of open CMA already go to where it is installed and delete all of the contents inside
2. If you do not have any CMA or have deleted the contents from step 1 make sure your file structure is correct
Should be something like this (C:\Program Files\Sony\Content Manager Assistant)
3. Inside the Content Manager Assistant folder extract all of the contents of r4.5 into the folder.
4. Run setdll.exe
5. Run run.bat
6. Thats it enjoy! You can create a shortcut of CMA.exe to your desktop for fast launch.

General Troubleshooting
If you still have issues after r4.5
-Try to reboot the PsVita
-Run steps 5 and 6 in Admin mode
-Replace the psp2-update.xml with a specific one for where you live


Special Notes and Comments

Its recommended that you use open CMA with vhbl or eCFW TN.
Special Thanks to ind3x-gosu and Cheestheif for the XML region edits :)


Find download links for Open CMA below.

Unofficial OpenCMA r4.5 Download from (indirect link)