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Multiman Cobra-USB Manager (mmCM), previously known as Multiman, is a File Manager for the PS3. Designed for CobraUSB dongle owners, it also works on other Custom Firmwares.

Version : 04.05.00

Release Date: 2012/08/20

Notes for this version: Added support for ZIP files (4GB ZIP filesize limit)

Added support for extracting ZIP files in mmOS (unzip supports subfolders, too); User can enter the target folder name to extract the zip in.
--- Unzip in the same folder: ([O]->Unzip Here)
--- Unzip in a different folder: ([O]->Copy -> (go to a different folder) -> [O]->Unzip Here)
--- Double-click a .zip file - extracts archive to TEMP location and opens target folder
------ TIP: To extract into current folder enter single dot . for folder name;

Added support for installable ZIP packages when filename is in special format (double click on such special zip in mmOS):
--- will prompt the user to install the contents in /dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLES12345/dlc folder
--- -> will make mM enable WRITE access to dev_flash and install the contents of the .zip in /dev_blind/test (/dev_flash/test) folder (use with caution)
------ TIP#1: Special ZIP naming convention: prefix is "PS3", "/" is replaced by "~"
------ TIP#2: This approach can be used to restore backups of /dev_hdd0/home or install patch-fixes or other data

Added support for RetroArch 0.9.7 new cores - launching retro ROMs from "Retro" column
Added support for launching retro ROMs in ZIP format from local or network locations (/dev_hdd0, /dev_usb***, /net_host*)
Added support for new emulator cores:
--- Mednafen's PCE for PS3 (pce)
--- Mednafen's WonderSwan Color for PS3 (wsw)
--- PRBOOM for PS3 (prb) (plays Doom, Doom II, Final Doom and other Doom IWAD mods)
--- Gambatte
Added new options in "options.ini" to define paths to new cores, roms and covers (pce, wsw, prb folders in ./ROMS and ./covers_retro)

The the following improvements are for those using the Cobra-USB dongle:

Added support for PIC1.PNG background images for local (internal HDD and external USB HDD) PS3 games in ISO format
Added support for coverart for local PS3 games in ISO format
Added support for game icons (ICON0.PNG) to mmOS Desktop shortcuts for local PS3 games in ISO format
Fixed sort order of Game column when only PS3 games in ISO format are listed
Fixed issue with Retro column (when detaching USB HDD while scanning for ROMs)


Find download links for Multiman below.

mmCM 04.05.00 FULL Download from (indirect link)
mmCM 04.05.00 BASE Download from (indirect link)
mmCM 04.05.00 BASE Download from (direct link)