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ZeroVSH Patcher

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ZeroVSH Patcher
ZeroVSH Patcher is a plugin that allows users to customize
their PSPs to the fullest extent. You can use this plugin
to load resources (.rco), fonts, (.pgf), bitmap images (.bmp)
gameboots (.pmf) and modules (.prx), all from your memory stick
or internal storage.

Note: Files will be loaded from ms0:/PSP/VSH/ or ef0:/PSP/VSH/

ZeroVSH Patcher uses the robust technique of hooking I/O drivers,
allowing us to load files from a memory stick or internal storage,
rather than replacing the file from flash. It will check if the file is
being loaded from flash, check if our replacement is found, and then
do some hooking to load our files.

In order for everything to go as planned, make sure to use custom
files from the fw you are using, or else the new files wont be loaded
properly (due to the offsets changing and all).

This plugin should work on ALL PSPs, and on ALL FIRMWARES (up to date)
Be sure to read the Readme.txt and COPYING.txt file before getting

Note: Restart your VSH after enabling this plugin

Version : 0.1

Release Date: 2011/09/23

Notes for this version: Initial Release


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[Binary] ZeroVSH Patcher v0.1 Download from (direct link)