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Amstrad CPC emulator

Version : v1.3.1

Release Date: 2007/11/30

Notes for this version: - Major Speed improvements, it's really fullspeed even using GU rendering !
45 fps at 222Mhz using the fast mode, >50 fps for any mode at 266Mhz.
- Games on disk are now automatically loaded on startup !
- Menu to explore the disk content and possibly load files with Basic RUN" command
- Sound improvements
- Add several news options such as one to display (or not) the border, select disk startup modes etc ...
- Bug fix in the keyboard settings menu
(when the virual keyboard is displayed, then you can still use the
d-pad to select menu items)
- Other bug fix and code cleaning


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pspcap32 - v1.3.1 Download from (indirect link)