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Atari 2600 emulator

Version : 1.0.2

Release Date: 2007/01/22

Notes for this version: - Merge the code from Stella v2.2 (replacing Stella v2.0 b1)
- Add several Anti-Flicker modes such as :
Phosphor (from Stella v2.2), nice but CPU consuming
Simple, very fast and suitable for black background games
Average, it computes average colors between two frames
- Add paddle support, using Left / Right keys or analog Pad
- Fix the sound speed/accuracy (For a better quality, set the
PSP clock to 333Mhz in the settings menu)
- Bug fix in Rom file requester
PSP hangs when the rom list was big and already sorted
- Remove Gelon's name from graphics stuff (as he wants to)
- Add Aenea as the author of the first PSP port (i'm sorry for this mistake !)


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psp2600 - 1.0.2 Download from (indirect link)