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PS3 Tools - GUI Edition 2.0

(15 votes)

PS3 Tools is a GUI frontend for a series of tools made by various devs of the PS3 scene.

Changes, Decrypt and Re-encrypt edat’s successfully
iso.bin.edat extraction
decrypt eboot.pbp’s / eboo (...)

Solar - 4.2

(3 votes)

Not entirely a game, but much more than a screensaver, this impressive PS3 Homebrew is worth the download

Multiman - 04.04.01

(87 votes)

Multiman Cobra-USB Manager (mmCM), previously known as Multiman, is a File Manager for the PS3. Designed for CobraUSB dongle owners, it also works on other Custom Firmwares.

Zadow's Cobra Stuff - Initial Release

(5 votes)

A Reverse Engineered version of the Cobra dongle by Zadow28

PS3UserCheat - Initial Release

(67 votes)

oct0xor and flat_z's reverse of the ps3UserCheat dongle.

This allows you to cheat on PS3 games on a Custom Firmware, without the need for a costly dongle.

PS3 memdump - 0.01 Final

(2 votes)

A tool to dump LV1, LV2, NAND/NOR
Flash and eEID from one tool

For all of you out there intereseted in, or already in the process of reverse engineering the
PS3, this new tool will make your life (...)

sceTool - 0.2.7

(4 votes)

naehrwert's tool to decrypt PS3 files

- /data/keys : Keyfile.
- /data/ldr_curves : Loader curves (7744 bytes).
- /data/vsh_curves : VSH curves (360 bytes).
- /data/idps : IDPS as bin (...)

Cobra USB Firmware - 5.0

(11 votes)

Firmware for the Cobra USB Dongle

Snes9x - 4.4.9

(79 votes)

Super Nes Emulator for the PS3

blackb0x ftp server - 1.2

(34 votes)

A threaded, multi-connection FTP server for the Playstation 3.