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cxmBMOD - 1.0.1

(6 votes)

A modified version of CXMB that stores the prx and configuration file in ms0:/seplugins/cxmb instead of ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.

Compatible with 3.71-6.60 CFW


(13 votes)

Simple PSPLink mod to recover from the QSP bug during a crash in TN-V.

CyanogenMod PSP C - Alpha Build 1

(67 votes)

This isn't a port of CyanogenMod for android, it's a project created from scratch. It will never allow you to run android apps, the psp system doesn't have the hardware capabilities to run android. It (...)

PSPconole v1.7 mod - PSPconsole

(4 votes)

A mod of PSPconsole v1.7 updated to work on 6.xx, originally made by Hotter.
Packed with a bunch of features available right from the XMB, includes games, file manager, and more.

Module Analyzer - v1.15

(9 votes)

This plugin will analyze custom modules (Game, plugins, homebrew,etc...). This includes the stub addresses of the functions imported by the firmware.

Additional features include showing where modul (...)

Superman: It's Not A Bird! [v1.0] (PSP Flappy Bird Mod) - [v1.0]

(9 votes)

This homebrew game is a mod of Flappy Bird PSP that I made. The gameplay is the same, but you play as Superman, instead of a flappy bird. I changed the graphics in pretty much every department, and re (...)

PSP-CM-Recovery - v1.0

(7 votes)

This is a custom recovery menu, just incase anything goes wrong, although it's highly unlikey for anything to go wrong. It's similar to those that are included in custom firmwares.

Alice in: Pasta Crocket - 1.041

(33 votes)

The queen of hearts has trapped you in a place between
Earth and space. You must now face a lemon pie which
will send you lots of surprises and traps. Will you be
able to free yourself from this ni (...)

Minecraft PSP - [LC Mod] - 1.0.2 Beta – Survial + Crafting + New World Gen

(530 votes)

Joel16's mods based on Drakon's game (Lamecraft, PSP's popular Minecraft homebrew clone) are to enhance lamecraft's graphics and gameplay, and give it a more 'minecrafty' feeling.

Credits go to Dra (...)

6.20 ME - 1.9

(26 votes)

The "Minimum Edition" CFW by neur0n is an alternate Custom Firmware for those who want to stay up to date on a hackable motherboard (PSP 1000/2000) and don't want to use Pro CFW or TN Hen.

This ver (...)