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vitaQUAKE - 1.4

(102 votes)

Quake port based on winQuake and it supports both Shareware and Full version of Quake.
Right now, it uses CPU for rendering purposes so if you play in full screen mode you can notice some framedrops (...)

Moon Whitelister - v1.0c

(17 votes)

Whitelist patching application for PlayStation (Vita) TV. Unblocks non-whitelisted games like Gravity Rush, WipeOut 2048, etc.

Runs on Lua Player Plus Vita R4.

Runs on HENkaku.

mGBA Vita - Nighlty build - 2016-08-05

(140 votes)

mGBA is a new emulator for running Game Boy Advance games. It aims to be faster and more accurate than many existing Game Boy Advance emulators, as well as adding features that other emulators lack.

DeSmuME-Vita - Test 2

(109 votes)

Port of DeSmuME DS Emulator for the Vita.

This is the port by MasterFeizz

DeSmuME Vita - Source

(43 votes)

Port of DeSmuME DS Emulator for the Vita.

This is the port by xerpi

Retroarch - 2016-08-05

(354 votes)

a multi emulator system for the PS Vita. Emulates more than 20 consoles and operating systems, including: Dos (dosbox), NES (fceumm) , Sega Genesis, Super NES,...

RealBoy-Vita - 1.2

(29 votes)

RealBoy is a Free, Fast and Accurate, Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy Emulator for Linux/Unix.
It has both technical as well as educational goals.

Technically, it aims for the following:


SNES9xVita - HENkaku Edition

(117 votes)

Native SNES emulator for the PlayStation Vita

Based on The SNES9xNext libretro core:

Some code (example: file choosing) borrowed from xerpi: https://githu (...)

Vita TV Whitelister - 1.1

(54 votes)

a HENkaku compatible application to do the PS TV whitelist trick (enable compatibility for all Vita games on PS TV), quick and easy

Install from the HENkaku interface, then run the app. It should e (...)

PSPocket - Essentials (for Big Luaplayer v1.10) - BETA 0.60

(135 votes)

PSPocket - Essentials" is a RPG editer in development, coded in Lua code for the "Big Luaplayer v1.10". The project curently containts a tilemap editer then can create and edit gamemaps then that get (...)