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Snes9xTYLmecm(/cm) 0.4.2 Mod - Revision 25

(247 votes)

This is a mod of Snes9xTYLmecm(/cm) 091127.
Snes9xTYLmecm is a mod of Snes9xTYL which is famous as Snes emulator of PSP.

Remote Peek Poke - Initial release

(27 votes)

This is an updated remote peek/poke plugin that allows capturing the Lv1 debug log in realtime (well, almost).

- run via prx loader (old remote p/p plugin has to be removed or replaced) (...)

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle - v3.6

(139 votes)

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle is a Beat em Up Homebrew Game which plays in the Naruto World up to the Newest Events! It is made by shaplayer in LUAPlayerPlus and is based on the Battalla ninja v2.5-eng (...)

GameDATA - 10.00

(5 votes)

gameDATA Tool by andbey0nd. This nice tool let's you switch beetween external and internal Game Data Mode. Very handy when the internal harddrive has no space left.

VHBL (PawaPuro version) - R173

(3 votes)

VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) is a homebrew Loader for the Playstation Vita. It allows you to play fanmade games and emulators on the PS Vita

This version is compatible with PS Vita 2.61 and below

Webman - 1.04

(8 votes)

webMAN is a new PS3 plugin for user's PRX Loader that was developer by multiMAN developer deank. Now you can browse all your PS3 files and folders from the web (PC,Android, Iphone ect.). Mount games r (...)

VSH PRX Loader - 1.2

(6 votes)

This is a small example that shows how to run tasks in the background. In fact its a small part of the cobra usb payload ported to 4.46 and 4.50. Of course the need for a dongle has been removed

Fe (...)

FMCB - 1.93

(199 votes)

What is FMCB?

Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) is a homebrew software which is designed to setup your PlayStation 2 console and provide you with a means of launching homebrew software, without the need (...)

RetroidNetplay -

(41 votes)

Finally play all this retro games with your friends with RetroidNetplay.

RetroidNetplay is by DukedDroid and is an unofficial branch of the open-source project RetroArch that supports Netplay on An (...)

XBMC for Android (with external player support) - 2013-10-09 by Wololo

(225 votes)

This version of XBMC for Android supports External video players, namely MX Player, which brings perfect HD (1080p) support.

Recommended for Android Mini PC and HDMI sticks running on AllWinner or (...)