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Vita TV Whitelister - Initial release

(54 votes)

a HENkaku compatible application to do the PS TV whitelist trick (enable compatibility for all Vita games on PS TV), quick and easy

Install from the HENkaku interface, then run the app. It should e (...)

HandyVita - 1.4

(45 votes)

Atari Lynx emulator for the PSVita Based on Libretro Handy core

BlockOut_II_PSP - v1.0

(51 votes)

BlockOut II is reimplementation of original 1989 puzzle video game, developed in Poland by
Aleksander Ustaszewski and Mirosław Zabłocki and published by California Dreams for multiple
platforms. O (...)

Quake [Insomnia ProQuake 4.71 Revision 3] - Revision 3

(60 votes)

This version of the engine is optimized for PSP Slim's 64mb of ram. It also features a large compilation of user created mission packs from that are compatible with the PSP. You wil (...)

Minecraft PSP - [LC Mod] - 1.3.1

(524 votes)

Joel16's mods based on Drakon's game (Lamecraft, PSP's popular Minecraft homebrew clone) are to enhance lamecraft's graphics and gameplay, and give it a more 'minecrafty' feeling.

Credits go to Dra (...)

PSPokemon Star - 1

(119 votes)

A PSPokemon Mod based on Pokemon Sun&Moon.

COGEEP - 1.0

(10 votes)

You are Mr. Pringle, a regular employee who got fired from that company called the "COGEEP".

Help him to go on a rampage and shoot everything that moves!

kr105's ps4kerneltest - Initial release

(69 votes)

a compiled basic Linux distribution for the PS4, to use with PS4 Playground:

You need a FAT32 formatted USB drive plugged in on any PS4's USB port with the following files on the root directory:


CXMB - CXMB universal: 3.71 - 6.61 Classic & 6.61 Infinity

(71 votes)

A CTF Theme loader for your PSP

Epic Sathe - V0.59

(38 votes)

Epic Sathe is an epic stick figure fighting game. It includes characters I had created when I was little. Now, with life breathed into them, go against all the odds and become the fighting champ!!!