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Multiman - 04.70.00

(87 votes)

Multiman Cobra-USB Manager (mmCM), previously known as Multiman, is a File Manager for the PS3. Designed for CobraUSB dongle owners, it also works on other Custom Firmwares.

Daft Energy - 1.00

(6 votes)

You play as one of the members of the group Daft Punk and you are throwing a party but the noise disturbs the neighbors who decided to send the police to kill you...

An original idea by Samir88Nasr (...)

Vertex 3D (for Big Luaplayer v1.10) - Version 1.00

(108 votes)

"Vertex 3D" is a simple 3D studio, coded in Lua code for the "Big Luaplayer v1.10". The program is designed to create simple 3D Model on the PSP. 3D models can be manipulated or created with basic too (...)

ARK - ArkV2 for fw 3.50

(386 votes)

ARK is a PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for your Vita. It supports most PSP Homebrews, plugins, and backups, as well as PS1 games

Instructions :
> Go into the ARK folder
> Choose your regio (...)

Duck Hunt PSP - Version 1.3

(48 votes)

Since Duck Hunt doesn't work on emulators without the blazzer, is this a very unique game, schoot as much duck as you can, and survive to the next round!

OneMenu - v2

(338 votes)

ONEMenu is a replacement menu for your Ark-2 exploit with some cool features

It can install and delete emulators, homebrew & PS1 games into your PSP/GAME folder and you can place an ISO or CSO in a (...)

TN-V - V11

(1259 votes)

(also known as CEF 6.60 TN)

- Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN for PS Vita, with XMB support

- by Total_Noob (individual game exploits by various hackers)
- Features:
* The whole PSP environme (...)

Language Emulation Plugin for NTR 1.0/2.2 - Initial release

(2 votes)

The language emulation plugin can solve the language issues which made some region-locked games failed to play in NTR mode, for example, Zelda Majoras Mask.

This plugin could also be used switch la (...)

NTR CFW - 2.2

(91 votes)

NTR CFW is a custom firmware designed for New 3DS, with the following features:

* Region Free. Region-locked games could be launched in Home Menu directly.
* CFW Menu. Press X+Y in games or Home M (...)

FBI - Open source CIA installer - Initial release

(59 votes)

FBI is an open source CIA (un)installer.


* Available as a CIA, 3DS, and 3DSX.
* Install, uninstall, and launch applications from both the SD card and NAND.
* Delete CIA files from the (...)