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BlockOut II - 2.5

(55 votes)

BlockOut II is an addictive action puzzle game by Jean-Luc PONS. It is also the first OpenGL homebrew game for Playstation Vita

BlockOut II is reimplementation of original 1989 puzzle video game, d (...)

GNU Robbo - 0.68

(36 votes)

GNU Robbo is a free open source reimplementation of game designed by Janusz Pelc and published by LK Avalon in 1989 for the Atari XL/XE computers. A success on the Polish domestic market, it was later (...)

PSP Magic Memory Card - Initial release

(1 vote)

Utility File for Pandora Battery

Minverchk - Initial release

(45 votes)

A PS3 Tool to check whether your PS3 can install a CFW or not. The tool tells you the factory firmware the console shipped with.

As of 2018/1/22:
factory Firmware 3.56 or below can install a CFW o (...)

PS Vita Reverse Engineering Leak (Blackfin) - Initial Release

(35 votes)

Reverse engineer work from the Cobra blackfin team

aTaca - 1.0

(29 votes)

You have to shot the blue squares, avoid shooting the green ones. One round can be completed in around 3min.

* 5 Levels
* Limited ammo
* Reward for good shooting

I made it a few years ago. Nev (...)

PicoDrive - 1.91 build 22.05.2017

(131 votes)

Sega Genesis (Megadrive) Emulator for the PSP and PS Vita

L'Abbaye des Morts for PSP - v1.0

(21 votes)

I have made this PSP port of the game "L'Abbaye des Morts". The original game was created by the Spanish coder Locomalito, it has been ported to several plattforms, and now it's available for PSP user (...)

ePSP Bubble Installer - 2.0

(73 votes)

ePSP bubble installer (by CelesteBlue) is a program that allows you to install an ePSP bubble to install ARK/Adrenaline. Version 2 introduced a way to activate your PSVita as well via the Settings app (...)

Retroarch - 2016-08-15 Nightly

(354 votes)

a multi emulator system for the PS Vita. Emulates more than 20 consoles and operating systems, including: Dos (dosbox), NES (fceumm) , Sega Genesis, Super NES,...