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This is probably the best screenshot plugin out there for your PSP.

PRXShot is a screenshot plugin that doesn't need to pause the game to take the capture (useful to avoid lag disconnects on online/adhoc gaming) and classifies the images per game using their name and icons


The plugin stores the screenshot in BMP format inside:

for umd/iso games or:

>> /PSP/SCREENSHOT/PS<8-byte sha1sum of the title>/pic_XXXX.bmp

for homebrew or games in PBP format (because the homebrews have the same GAME_ID ¬_¬).



Copy the prxshot directory to the seplugins directory (or anywhere you want) and add the plugin to the game.txt file (and/or vsh.txt if you want to).

The prxshot directory comes with these files:

prxshot.prx: the plugin

default_icon0.png: optional default icon to use for those homebrews without icon (you can make your own image, just try to maintain the same dimensions)

xmb.sfo: template to make folder icon for screenshots in VSH mode.

prxshot.ini: configuration file


How to use it: press the NOTE button to take a screenshot. You can configure it to a different button(s) globally or per game.

Latest Version : 0.4.0

Release Date: 2011/05/28

Notes for this version: [+]Implemented key timeout, so now you can add some delay to the screenshot
button so doesn't interfere with the normal game operation.

[!]Internal change: rewrote the plugin in C++

[!]Fixed the known issue of taking a screenshot while the aLoader is
launching an ISO (only for the C++ branch)


Find download links for PRXShot below.

PRXShot 0.4.0 plugin Download from (direct link)
PRXShot 0.4.0 plugin Download from (direct link)

Older Versions

(Some additional versions are pending review)


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