fMSX for PSP

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MSX emulator

Latest Version : 3.1.3

Release Date: 2007/05/5

Notes for this version: * Support for multi-volume disk images - multiple disk images per ZIP file and in-game volume switching (see section below)
* Improved virtual keyboard navigation, speed increase
* System ROM's can now be stored in a single ZIP file (see Installation section)
* Integrated zipped ROM and DSK file support (fast loading from ZIP files)
* Added PSG/SCC/MSXMUSIC sound emulation engine by Mitsutaka Okazaki and MSXAUDIO engine by Tatsuyuki Satoh. The old engine is still available, as it is noticeably faster. MSXMUSIC and MSXAUDIO are disabled by default (recompile if you really need them), as they adversely affect emulation speed
* ~18% gain in rendering speed
* FPS counter
* PAL frequency (50Hz) timing
* Various small improvements and bugfixes


Find download links for fMSX for PSP below.

fMSX for PSP - 3.1.3 Download from (indirect link)
fMSX PSP 3.1.3 Download from (direct link)


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