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the Emulator supports Gameboy, PCEngine, Wonderswan, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and Nes.

Latest Version : v0.82f

Release Date: 2006/11/17

Notes for this version: e[mulator] 0.82f for PSP(+Windows)
Programed by e (T.Kawamorita)

(*) not support NES disksystem
(*) not support GB SRAM save
(*) NEOGEO Pocket
not support PCM.
NGP is very slow, not support STATE SAVE.
(*) SMS Plus
not support PCM play (depend on SMSPlus)
(*) CDROM2 support under construction
[-] include below file [*.zip]
[-] PC Engine(TG16) [*.pce,*.toc,*.sgx]
[-] NES [*.nes]
[-] GameBoy [*.gb,*.gbc,*.sgb]
[-] WonderSwan [*.ws,*.wsc]
[-] GameGear/MasterSystem [*.gg,*.sms]
[-] NEOGEO Pocket [*.ngp,*.ngc,*.npc]
[-] Lynx [*.lnx]


Find download links for e[mulator] below.

e[mulator] - v0.82f Download from ne.jp (direct link)
e[mulator] 0.82f Download from wololo.net (direct link)

Older Versions


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