Quake [Insomnia ProQuake 4.71 Revision 3]

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Quake [Insomnia ProQuake 4.71 Revision 3]
This version of the engine is optimized for PSP Slim's 64mb of ram. It also features a large compilation of user created mission packs from www.quaddicted.com that are compatible with the PSP. You will of course need to own Quake and the respective official mission packs[Scourge/Dissolution].

Major Improvements:

Added functionality with "-prompt" menu. [thanks Jurak Styk!]

When the "-prompt" command line argument is added to the quake.cmdline file (done be default), the user is prompted to select a mod folder (first option "blank" for default Quake Campaign) upon initial boot of the Insomnia game.

Added texture filtering options for ProQuake Engine via prompt menu

Added "Hipnotic" support

Fixed dynamic lighting and mp3 issues

Other options include ability to set cpu speed and heapsize for memory allocation.

I recommend using CPU Speed: 333 and Heapsize: 33 for the PSP Slim.

For a full list of revisions, please visit the following page:

Latest Version : Revision 3

Release Date: 2016/06/30

Notes for this version: Force disabled dynamic lighting in deathmatch mode
Fixed Dynamic Lighting bugs relating to viewmodels/enemy models illuminating when dynamic lights disabled

Added "Hipnotic" support for mods that require -hipnotic to the prompt menu -- you must have Scourge of Armagon

Added Vertical Aiming slider to MISC OPTIONS

Added more mods

Removed expiremental fog support
Renamed Autoaim to "EasyAim"


Find download links for Quake [Insomnia ProQuake 4.71 Revision 3] below.

PSP Slim Eboot + Files Download from dropbox.com (indirect link)


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