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Quake port based on winQuake and it supports both Shareware and Full version of Quake.
Right now, it uses CPU for rendering purposes so if you play in full screen mode you can notice some framedrops (like 20-25 fps). To have a fullspeed stable framerate you can simply reduce a bit screen size in Options Menu.
The packet you can download here contains the free shareware version. If you want to use your full installation of Quake you just have to add pak1.pak file to id1 folder.

- Native 960x544 resolution!
- Sound support
- Support for shareware and full versions of Quake
- Native support to both PSVITA analogs
- Variable camera sensibility for right analog (Change Mouse Sensitivity in Options Menu)

TODO List:
- Add network multiplayer support
- Improve sound quality
- Switch to GPU rendering
- Add gyroscope, touch and retrotouch support

- Left Analog / Digital Pad = Move player
- Right Analog = Move camera
- O / X = Jump
- R Trigger / Square = Shoot
- Triangle = Change Weapon
- L Trigger = Run

- idSoftware for winQuake engine.
- MasterFeizz for ctrQuake source which i studied to understand how winQuake works.
- xerpi for basic console system used for debug purposes.

- Place the id1 folder in the root of your PSVITA through FTP Vita
- Launch vitaQuake
- Enjoy

Latest Version : 1.4

Release Date: 2016/08/9

Notes for this version: - Removed black screen on startup for 5 seconds.
- Improved a bit framerate.
- Added a rescaler in Options menu to change renderer resolution for fps enthusiasts.
- Improved audio quality. Now audio shouldn't crackle anymore.
- Fix for Always Run options and Run button (LTRIGGER). Now they both work as intended.
- Increased analogs deadzone.
- Changed default camera sensibility. Now should be less reactive and more usable.
- Fixxed renderer aspect ratio. Before game was using a wrong aspect ratio (4:3 instead of 30:17).
- Fixxed renderer. Now glitchy brown rects shouldn't appear anymore on screen randomly.
- Fixxed touchscreen and retrotouch. Now they're both usable for camera movement like in v.1.2.


Find download links for vitaQUAKE below.

VitaQuake 1.4 Download from (direct link)

Older Versions


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