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Tool for the PSVita to Write to /PSP/GAME/ on all firmwares up to 3.52 (included)

1. Place your PSP game you want to install in the 'p' folder of the savedata.
2. Copy the savedata to you Vita using QCMA.
3. Make sure you have no notifications and are not downloading anything.
4. Rebuild database in recovery.
5. Using Outlook or Thunderbird, forward PSP-INSTALLER.eml to your email account.
6. Find any Vita app or game that has an update available, click update, and then pause the download.
7. Open the Email app and click the attachments one at a time.
It should show an error that says it could not display the image. DO NOT click the ok button.
Instead, press home and close the Email app.
8. Once you have installed both files, reboot your Vita.
9. Then, continue the download. The download should now be ~5mb ( 5007kb ). If not, something went wrong.
10. Once downloading is complete, cancel the installation.
11. Open the CMA app on your Vita. Go to Applications -> PSP/Other -> and delete the corrupt icon.
( It might also display 0000 )
12. Done!

-If you need to update or overwrite the eboot, use VitaMailWriter to overwrite the file.

-If when you resume the download it is not ~5mb ( 5007 KB ):
1. Delete the savedata from your Vita
2. Write the files in reset_bgdl.eml with the email trick
3. Rebuild Database in recovery
4. Start the instructions over again ( You can skip #4 though )

mr.gas for the trick
SMOKE for preparing files & writing instructions

Latest Version : Initial release

Release Date: 2015/09/25



Find download links for PSP-Installer below.

PSP-Installer Download from (indirect link)
PSP-Installer Download from (direct link)


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