Lua Player Plus VITA

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Lua Player Plus is a multiplatform LUA interpreter currently available on PSP (lpp-c++ / lpp-plugin), 3DS (lpp-3ds) and PSVITA (lpp-vita).
At current stage, it's good to make 2D games and apps but final goal is to provide a complete set of tools to make any kind of projects and make them easily portable towards consoles (lpp-3ds and lpp-vita for example both use a similar code syntax).

- GPU rendering support.
- FTP server for fast scripts debug.
- Controls and touch support.
- Alpha blending support.
- Native support to BMP and JPG images.
- Built-in script selector menu for multi-homebrews loading.
- I/O functions support.
- Arithmetical functions support (mathlib).
- Minor functions support (Like battery ones).

In the RAR file you'll find the velf file to be sent through VitaDefiler, lpp folder you have to put in cache0:/ where are located all the scripts lpp can run, image.jpg file needed for image sample and a little documentation to all functions available in the interpreter. (Viewable also here: )

- All vita-toolchain and Rejuvenate devs to make this possible.
- xerpi for vita2dlib and ftpVita srcs and for his awesome help on Skype :P .

Latest Version : 0.1

Release Date: 2015/09/5

Notes for this version: Initial release


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lpp-vita Download from (direct link)


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