PS4 File Browser

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PS4 File Browser
PS4 Playground, a series of tools running on the PS4 1.76 Webkit exploit


Although this is this primarily a framework to help write and execute ROP chains, PS4-playground comes with several experiments for you to try.

After executing a test, you should either refresh the page, or close and reopen the browser entirely; running multiple experiments sequentially is not reliable.

Get PID - Get process ID

Get Login - Get login name and leak a kernel pointer

Get Loaded Modules - Get a list of currently loaded modules

Dump Loaded Module - Dump a currently loaded module (use Get Loaded Modules to see all available)

Load Module - Load an additional module from this list:

Load and Dump Module - Load an additional module and then dump it

Once you have dumped a module, you will need to run to combine all chunks into a single binary.

Browse - File Browser

Get PSN username - Read your PSN username from account.dat

Get Sandbox Directory - Get the name of the current sandbox directory (10 random characters which change each reboot)

Get Stack Protection - Get stack base, size, and protection

Get Stack Name - Get stack base, size, and name

Send Message - Send a TCP message to the specified IP and port

Latest Version : 2015-08-16

Release Date: 2015/08/16

Notes for this version: github repository snapshot


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PS4 Fil e Browser - PS4 Playground Download from (direct link)


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