VHBL (Puzzle Scape version)

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VHBL (Puzzle Scape version)
VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) is a homebrew Loader for the Playstation Vita. It allows you to play fanmade games and emulators on the PS Vita

This version is compatible with PS Vita 3.52 and below, and requires the game Puzzle Scape (available on EU PSN only)

Transfer NPEZ00001SCENE0/ to your Vita.
If you haven’t done so, create a new save (provided save is a different save).
In the main menu click on Gallery and load the save.

The max file size for reading on crappy minis is 1 MB, so that really limits us to what we can run.
Use GUIDOBOT’s VHBL menu (less than 1 MB) and rename it to WMENU.BIN.

If it crashes it’s most likely due to opening a file bigger than 1 MB, so that’s going to cripple a bunch of homebrew.

Latest Version : initial release

Release Date: 2015/08/8

Notes for this version: Replace WMENU.BIN with @_GUIDOBOT's 138 menu.


Find download links for VHBL (Puzzle Scape version) below.

VHBL For Puzzle Scape (EU) Download from t.co (direct link)


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