Pasta CFW

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a CFW loader for both N3DS and O3DS, it requires Cubic Ninja and allows you to install and run unsigned CIAs (The loader is still in early devlopement, but it should work !).

- Download the archive provided below, unzip its contents to the root of the SD card of your N/O3DS.

- Startup your 3DS , boot Cubic Ninja, start PastaCFW.

- You should now land on the home menu, with signatures patched !

(If you want to access the UI, to either check the credits, or have a look at the great ui by Crusard, simply hold "L" at the same time that you select "PastaCFW" from ninjhax or to always boot into the UI, access the UI, go to the options and select "Always boot the GUI")

FirmLaunch Instructions :
- Launch the companion app, select your SD card (containing the pastaCFW files), select your 3DS model (O3DS or N3DS) and hit download.

- once that is done (you will have a pop-up telling you so), you can remove the SD card and place it inside of your 3DS.

-Start your 3DS, launch Ninjhax, launch PastaCFW (While holding the L button), go to the options menu, press A, enable "Enable FirmLaunch" and save.

- You now have FirmLaunch activated !

FirmLaunch will Boot your 3DS with an updated firm, this means 9.5 firm for N3DS and 9.6 firm for O3DS, once in firmlaunch you will be able to run games that require updated firmwares to run (like Xenoblade chronicles, Super Smash Bros with update 1.0.8,...), however you won't be able to run ninjhax homebrew, nor eshop spoofer as of now.


As for the name, it is because it all started from a Unknown Pastebin.

The loader is nothing fancy, and i don't like to make tidy posts, so here is a zip that both contains brahma (required to launch the loader) and the loader itself.

It works on N3DS 9.0-9.2 and O3DS 4.1-4.5 / 8.0-8.1 / 9.0-9.2.

Also, unsigned DSIware works as well as GBA Virtual Console !

If you have any problems in lauching it, try to reinstall Ninjhax.
(If you don't know how to, press L+R+X+Y on the main menu for a few seconds, then delete your save. You can then restart the whole installation procedure).

WARNING, THIS CFW WILL BOOT TO SYSNAND !!! I will decline all responsibility of any consequences of your usage of this CFW (even if your handheld comes to explode).

it is strongly recommended to close and open the lid of your console to have proper 3D support, and you are able to run Out of region cartridge games (with unsigned dlc ?) with this CFW, by launching either smealum's region three on O3DS or NTR on N3DS.

If you get an error when installing a CIA with FBI, remember to make a title.db file in your "Nintendo 3DS/id1/id2/dbs" folder, and go to software management to fix the issue, you will then be able to install CIAs with FBI.

Credits :
- Capito27 for the loader menu.
- Patois for brahma and sample code , without him, i couldn't make this CFW loader.
- Unknown for all the O3DS offsets and the signature patch method.
- motezazer for the N3DS offsets and testing.
- kactusss for testing the app and providing the videos.
- Psi-hate for bringing up the unknown pastebin to the gbatemp community.
- Jdbye for the autodetection modification.

Latest Version : 1.3 Beta 4

Release Date: 2015/06/21

Notes for this version: -Moved the GUI code to arm9
-UI completely redesigned
-Added config app inside the CFW_Launcher: you can edit settings without the companion, directly on your 3DS!
-Added Nand Dumper!
-Added ARM9 dumper interface
-Added FIRM downloader inside PC Companion App (windows only, for now)
-A lot of code cleanup
-Beta3: now you can enable and disable firmlaunch from settings!
-Beta4: firmlaunch works properly on O3DS v4.X-6.X !


Find download links for Pasta CFW below.

Pasta CFW 1.3 Beta 4 Download from (direct link)

Older Versions


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