Vita Update Blocker

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Vita Update Blocker

This application does what Charles Proxy Trick does but without hassle.

Also this is Python based cross-platform application so you can even install this application to 24/7 running server to access PSN anyhwere.FEATURES
Automatically detects latest OFW version and Vita’s version.
Can block other requests than update information for prevent server is being used as normal HTTP proxy server.

Download Vita Update Blocker, and extract it to your PC
Start vita_update_blocker.exe
Open Settings app on your Vita, Go to Network-Wi-Fi Setting > [your wifi router Name] >Advanced Settings.
Change proxy settings to ip:port as shown on VitaUpdateBlocker (for example: .
Save settings and open the PS Store application on your Vita.
You’ll see front page of store, go Settings app again and disable proxy.
Download contents from store, play games online or connect to your PS3 via wifi.

–port : customize port, default is 8080.
–block-traffics: blocks all traffics except for update information. This will be useful if you’re going to make a public server.

To use VitaUpdateBlocker you need these requirements(portable version users can ignore this)

Python 2.7.6 (Python 3 is not supported due to compatibility with mitmproxy)

Latest Version : 1.2

Release Date: 2014/03/13



Find download links for Vita Update Blocker below.

Vita Update Blocker 1.2 Download from (indirect link)
Vita Update Blocker 1.2 Download from (direct link)


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