Block Dude v0.2

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After more than four months, homebrew developer cools decided to update one of his more popular games called Block Dude. He just dropped by QJ.NET PSP Development forum and released version 2. Basically, this is somewhat a puzzle game as you have to figure out how to reach the door by moving various blocks hindering your path.
According to cools, he tried to make this game as close as possible to the calc one created by Brandon Sterner. Block Dude v0.2 comes with all the original 11 levels and there are three extras from the flash remake. The developer added that a handful of custom made levels made by Access_Denied, Beefland, and Spirit Hawk have been included as well.

Latest Version : v0.2

Release Date: 2007/06/18

Notes for this version: Updated MP3Lib, now will filter mp3's better
* Automatic Scrolling
* Level Editor
* Level Uploader
* GFX Mods!
* No More Oldpad/Pad thing
* Others as well...


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Block Dude v0.2 - v0.2 Download from (indirect link)


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