Vertex 3D (for Big Luaplayer v1.10)

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"Vertex 3D" is a simple 3D studio, coded in Lua code for the "Big Luaplayer v1.10". The program is designed to create simple 3D Model on the PSP. 3D models can be manipulated or created with basic tools that can change the Texture, Color, Normal and Position values of a vertex and vertices can be removed or added. 3D models can be converted to other vertex formats. The studio also has tools to select multiple vertices in a model to then move, scale, rotate, cut, copy, paste or delete a section. There are also function to build, remove or manipulated the indices list. 3D models can be saved as ".vrt" vertices files. Thats the format the Big Luaplayer uses to handle vertices objects, so the created 3D Models can easily be used for other Big Luaplayer Applications.

Latest Version : Version 1.00

Release Date: 2015/04/27



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Google Drive: Applications-For-Big-Luaplayer Download from (indirect link)


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