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PSP Emulator for Windows

Potemkin (Codename DaSH)
Experimental HLE PSP Emulator

hrydgard@gmail.com (ONLY developer questions and similar)

Released under the GPL since I got bored of fixing stupid bugs and adding functionality to my HLE-simulated PSP OS.

Features: (end-user point of view :)
- Plays Puzzle Bobble Pocket JAP
- Starts AI Go
- Runs numerous demos from the PSP SDK

Technical Features:
- Badly simulated PSP kernel
- No VFPU emulation
- Mounts ISOs and CSOs (no DAX!)
- Mounts Windows directories (no good UI yet for this)
- (FUTURE) Supports game-specific patching through UltraHLE-style INI file

HLE code structure:
Internal functions begin with __Kernel. These are called when multiple real HLE functions
share code, or when other code wants to affect the PSP kernel, such as loading modules, etc.

Latest Version : Initial release

Release Date: 2007/05/5

Notes for this version: Windows binary + Source code


Find download links for Potemkin below.

Potemkin Source + Win32 binary Download from wololo.net (direct link)


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