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blargSnes - SNES emulator for the 3DS

What's in the zip

* blargSnes.3ds -- 3DS ROM. Useful for Gateway.
* blargSnes.cia -- Installable version
* blargSnes folder -- files for use with the Homebrew Launcher
* blargSnes.elf -- ELF file. May be useful for alternate homebrew loaders. Provided for the sake of completeness.

How to use

You need a way to run ARM11 userland homebrew on your 3DS.


Copy blargSnes.3ds to the Gateway's MicroSD.

Due to limitations, you will not get sound if you use this method.

Homebrew Launcher / Ninjhax

Copy the blargSnes folder into the 3ds folder on your SD card.

Due to limitations, you will not get sound if you use this method on a New 3DS. 'Old' 3DS users will get sound.

Also note that sleep mode (closing your 3DS) and the Home button don't work when using this method.

Latest Version : 1.3

Release Date: 2015/01/22

Notes for this version: Version 1.3:
* Usage of geometry shaders and other speedups to rendering
* Hardware renderer: offset-per-tile, hi-res modes, and more fixes by DiscostewSM
* Much better sound quality, support for noise, echo and pitch modulation (thanks DiscostewSM again)
* Two added scaling modes: 4:3 and cropped 4:3
* Better open-bus emulation, and ability to execute code in open-bus regions (fixes Home Alone)
* Overall more accurate timings, IRQ fixes, etc
* ROM selector is no longer locked to the /snes folder
* the usual forgotten novelties, surprise


Find download links for blargSnes below.

BlargSnes 1.3 Download from (direct link)
BlargSnes 1.3 Download from (direct link)


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