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Vitasploit by Hykem is his version of an exploitation framework based on the Vita webkit exploit. It regroups webkooz, akai, memtools_vita and JSoS-Module-Dump in a single repository.

Latest Version : 2014-12-15

Release Date: 2014/12/15

Notes for this version:
testStructs() -> MrNetrix's test for custom structure allocation
Test_Modules() -> Based on CodeLion/BrianBTB/BBalling1's module dumping code and complemented by nas's sysmodule loading code. Forces all user modules to be loaded into memory and dumps them to "dumps" folder
Test_Memblock() -> A simple memory alloc/free test using the SceLibKernel syscalls
Test_Malloc() -> An exhaustive malloc test that tries to allocate as much memory as possible
Test_Motion() -> A simple test to track and print the gyroscope's coordinates
Test_SupportURI() -> A small test that allows sending URI commands (e.g.: "psgm:", "settings_dlg:") to the Vita
Test_Socket() -> Original (akai) socket test to send messages to/from the Vita
Test_Dir() -> Original (akai) test to list directories inside the Vita
Test_GetFile() -> Original (akai) test to find and dump user files from the Vita
Test_WriteFile() -> Test file creation by mounting a temporary path and writing a dummy file to it
Test_Photos() -> Mount and list the contents of photo0
Test_Control() -> Track and print the left and right analog buttons' coordinates
Test_Touch() -> Print the coordinates of the last screen area that was touched
Test_Gxm() -> Test the GXM memory by mapping some if it's components


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vitasploit github Download from (indirect link)
Vitasploit 2014/12/15 Download from (direct link)

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