JSoS Module Dumper

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JSoS Module Dumper
"Javascript on Steroids" Module Dumper for the Vita Webkit exploit.

Connect vita to server, dumps happen automatically

files are stored as modname.seg#.bin

segments are code,rodata, and two metadata sections sometimes

collaboration between Major_Tom and myself.

Huge thanks to @SMOKE587 for being my vita until I get a new one

Huge thanks to Amat Cama for the incredible JSoS release that made this possible

Thanks to Yifan for the uvloader source code on which alot of this was based

Latest Version : 78afbafa2e

Release Date: 2014/11/9

Notes for this version: Initial public release


Find download links for JSoS Module Dumper below.

JSoS Module Dumper github Download from github.com (indirect link)
JSoS Module Dumper Download from wololo.net (direct link)


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