PSN Download Manager

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Credits: Mr. Labigalini - MyDownloader (SOURCE)
3r1c - Proxy Server (SOURCE)
Develio13 - Mashing the code's

Setting Up Your Console:
1. Start Your Playstation Console
2. Under Network Settings, Choose Custom.
3. When it asks for Proxy, set it to Use.
4. Enter your IP Address given by running Internal IP.bat
5. Enter the port as 27
6. Save the changes, start PSN DM.exe

Using the Application:
1. Start a download from the PSN
2. When it says "Please Wait" Press Circle

You'll notice it is now displayed in the Download Manager,
once finished, proceed with the following to Transfer onto the Playstation...

3. Go back and Download the Content / File again, it should transfer from the PC...

Latest Version : 3.42

Release Date: 2010/08/9

Notes for this version: >> Removed the need for country.txt & Char_Illegal.txt
>> Proxy no longer creates Url-Log for debugging, obsolete.
>> Automated Checker for newer software versions


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PSN Download Manager Download from (indirect link)
PSN Download Manager Download from (direct link)

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