Module Analyzer

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This plugin will analyze custom modules (Game, plugins, homebrew,etc...). This includes the stub addresses of the functions imported by the firmware.

Additional features include showing where module_start, module_stop of a custom module is located in user memory.

Latest Version : v1.16

Release Date: 2014/07/10

Notes for this version: [+] Source code cleaned up and revised.
[+] Folder support for Homebrew added. No more storing in "ms0:/Module_Analyzer/ProgramXYZ/" by default.
[~] Game information stored in a new format ("XXXXZZZZZZ" instead of "XXXX-ZZZZZZ", where "X" is considered as a character and "Z" a number).
[-] Removed Folder deletion method as it was unnecessary.
[-] Removed RAM dump feature as it was unnecessary.


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