Black List Maker

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Black List Maker is a utility that retrieves the list of blocked exploits inside the PSP emulator of the Vita.

Latest Version : Initial release

Release Date: 2014/04/19

Notes for this version: - Do not run it on TN-V. TN-V replaces the savedata_utility.prx file with its own inside the psp emu's flash0. Since that is the file that BlackList Maker targets, you would technically be getting a list of the games blocked in the latest PSP's 6.60 firmware, which is already known and is not what you are looking for

- As mentioned by qwikrazor87 on /talk, this will only reveal the exploits that are blocked from within the PSP emulator. We have seen in the past that Sony have blocked PSP exploits directly from the Vita level (are you following?). Those would not be shown by this tool.


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