Alice in: Pasta Crocket

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Alice in: Pasta Crocket
The queen of hearts has trapped you in a place between
Earth and space. You must now face a lemon pie which
will send you lots of surprises and traps. Will you be
able to free yourself from this nightmare? Will you be
able to smash the ball into that pie?

Latest Version : v2.00

Release Date: 2014/11/22

Notes for this version: v2.00 Final final version!
PC Version! Download at:
You now gain health after completing a mini-game. This should make the 'Hell' difficulty winnable.
The game now detects if you cheated after having beaten the pie
The game enjoins you to complete harder difficulties if you think 'Easy' was already a nightmare.
The SONIC.EXE mini-game now runs under PPSSPP


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