Simple Popstation GUI

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This program allows you to convert your PS1 games to a PSP compatible format (a GUI for popstation). Also, there are MANY other features, including (but not limited to):

* PSX images and EBOOTs are FULLY customizable - from gameboot/warning picture customization to changing Game Save names

* EBOOT patching is quite fast - no more PSP Brew

* Conversion with a progress bar! (note, no progress bar when creating compressed EBOOTs)

* Supports CUE and MDF, as well as standard popstation supported files (currently, no other popstation GUI does this)

* Extract ISO from EBOOT - includes compressed EBOOTs and will also extract a CCD file

* I've tried to make it easy to use :) Also it's more visually appealing :P

* ALL files are included - no more searching for elusive KEYS.BIN or BASE.PBP files

* MANY other features - such as a Preview feature, EBOOT add/delete/extracting etc etc - see screenshot :)

Latest Version : v3.00 Beta

Release Date: 2006/12/31

Notes for this version: v3.00beta is for 3.03 OE-C and above


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v3.00 Beta Download from (direct link)
Release thread Download from (indirect link)


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