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WARNING: Use this software at your own risk. The author accepts no
responsibility for the consequences of your use of this software.

This project has been ported for the Teensy++ 2.0 from the original NOR flasher tool
("noralizer" by Hector Martin "marcan" ) that was used to flash
AsbestOS onto the demo PS3 at 27C3, and for experimentation.

\teensyNOR\NORway.avrsln - Source code for the Teensy++ 2.0 (AVR Studio 5.0)
\teensyNOR\default\NORway.hex - Compiled hex-file for the Teensy++ 2.0 (AT90USB1286)
\teensyNAND\NANDway.atsln - Source code for the Teensy++ 2.0 (AVR Studio 6.0)
\teensyNAND\default\NANDway.hex - Compiled hex-file for the Teensy++ 2.0 (AT90USB1286)
\hwinstall\install-*.jpg - Some pics of how I've mounted the Teensy (CECH-2504A/B)
\hwinstall\nor_testpoints.png - Connection diagram of the NOR testpoints (CECH-2504A/B)
\hwinstall\teensy.jpg - Teensy connection points (see chart below)
\serial_install.exe - Teensy serial drivers for Windows
\norpatch.exe - Small tool to verify content of NOR dump (recognizes any OFW),
replace ros0/ros1 with new core os (.NET 2.0 required)
\ - NOR PC Python client
\ - NAND PC Python client
\changes.txt - Version history
\perf-test.txt - Performance tests for the different writing modes
\README.txt - Readme file

Latest Version : 0.7

Release Date: 2013/06/28

Notes for this version: Still in Beta


Find download links for NORway below.

NORWay 0.7 Download from (direct link)


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