PS Vita remote desktop

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PS Vita remote desktop is a tool that allows you to stream PC games on your Vita, and control them with the Vita. It was programmed with the official Sony PSM SDK.

From the author:

I’d like to share a sample of my remote desktop application because lots of users are asking for a sample. This is my first C# and PS Vita Application.

I haven’t though of a good name for my application yet because I’am very picky when it comes to naming, but for now I will call this PS Vita Remote Deskop, an application that allows you access your computer remotely using the PS Vita, by translating the PS Vita’s input to keyboard/mouse input.

System Requirement:

Windows 7 (haven’t tried this on XP or Vista)
.net Frame work 3.5 above
PlayStaion Mobile SDK 0.99 for PC
PlayStation Mobile Dev Assistant 0.99 for PS Vita

How to Install

1. download the program here
2. extract the PS VITA REMOTE DESKTOP.rar
3. load and install “VitaRemoteClient” using the PSM Studio.
4. locate “VitaRemoteServer.exe” from the “VitaRemoteServer folder”, run the server.
5. windows security alert will appear, select allow access.
6. a ballon tooltip will appear showing the computer’s Ip address
input the ip address to your vita then tap connect.

D pad = arrows keys;
Left Analog stick = W, A, S, D;
Right Analog Stick = Mouse Movement;
Gyro X and Y axis only = mouse movement;
accelerometer X axis only = A, D;
Lbutton = U;
Rbutton= O;
Square = J;
Cross = K;
Circle = L;
start = numpad0;
select= show/hide mouse cursor;

TouchScreen “don’t function well still working on it.”

Tap = executes a left mouse click;
double tap = executes a left mouse double click;
Draging with one finger = moves the mouse;
Draging with two fingers = moves the view port;

Max Resolution 480 x 270;
lowest Resolution 400×200;
Audio not yet available
definining key inputnot yet available
the program is 30% complete but it’s working.

Latest Version : v2

Release Date: 2012/08/20



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PS Vita remote desktop Download from (indirect link)
PS Vita remote desktop Download from (direct link)


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