Nifty Lifty

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Nifty Lifty
Nifty Lifty is an iOS game based on the popular BBC Micro & Spectrum classic Nifty Lifty.

This game has a retro look of what games looked like in the 1980s.

The object is simple but achieving your goal is fiendishly hard! All you have to do is navigate your way from the bottom floor of each level to the top floor. You're on foot though because the lifts have security guards that are on the look out. After all you are a thief and you need to avoid being spotted by a aecurity guard too many times, if you fail to avoid being spotted too many times you will go to jail and it's Game Over.

You'll need to manoeuvre the thief along a series of floors being sure to avoid getting spotted by any of the security guards in the fast moving lifts as they whizz up and down. As the levels get harder so do the lifts, as they speed up as you progress threw the levels.

Every level has 16 stages, after the 16th stage you will progress the the next level were all the stages you have just completed start over again but lifts now moveing quicker than before. Every level the game gets quicker and harder to play.

The player is controlled by a simple tap of the finger either side of the screen to move left or right.

Enjoy the game!

Latest Version : 1.2

Release Date: 2014/01/19



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Insoft Nifty Lifty for PSP & iOS Download from (indirect link)


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