PSP Craft - A Minecraft Mini Game

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PSP Craft - A Minecraft Mini Game
PSP Craft is a simple homebrew game that is coded with Lua, which is based on a famous indie game called Minecraft. The game also looks a lot different compared to the regular minecraft games, and so it's more of a Minecraft mini game. Even though it's called "PSP Craft", the game does not allow you to craft anything as yet lol, as it is still a very early release. It will be getting future updates, which will include more features and many changes.

Latest Version : 0.7

Release Date: 2014/01/25

Notes for this version: Pre Alpha 0.7

- Completely ported to Lua Dev.
- Added about menu.
- Removed background music. (will add a better one next version)
- Improved player movements and speed.


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