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webMAN is a new PS3 plugin for user's PRX Loader that was developer by multiMAN developer deank. Now you can browse all your PS3 files and folders from the web (PC,Android, Iphone ect.). Mount games remotely from web. Support for downloading binary downloads and more. It a simple as typing your PS3 IP Address right into your devices browser, once installed to PRX Loader. View all the details in this very nice plugin from deank below.

Latest Version : 1.04

Release Date: 2013/10/25

Notes for this version: FTP & webMAN in one Plugin

The reason to combine both in one is the issue with shutting down the PS3

when multiple plugins are loaded. Now both plugins work properly and system poweroff/shutdown works, too. Also the plugin loads faster with PRXLOADER (of course, because it is just one file).


Find download links for Webman below.

Webman 1.04 + FTP Server 1.01 Download from deanbg.com (indirect link)
(Some additional links are pending review for this version)

Older Versions

(Some additional versions are pending review)


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