VSH PRX Loader

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VSH PRX Loader
This is a small example that shows how to run tasks in the background. In fact its a small part of the cobra usb payload ported to 4.46 and 4.50. Of course the need for a dongle has been removed


run tasks in the background
tasks are running all the time (vsh, ingame, etc.)

Features of Sample Plugin:

remote peek/poke at any time
full ram access via lv1 peek/poke


4.46 Firmware Cex or Dex with LV2 Syscall 10 (e.g. Rebug)
4.50 Firmware with LV2 Syscall 10 (untested, dunno if it exists at all)


if you're on rebug, run the toolbox and enable the "LV2 Memory Protection" patch
run the VSH Plugin Sample App
connect to your PS3 from PC using a telnet client (e.g. putty) on port 4546

Q: What kind of other background tasks could be done?
A: ftp server, debug plugins, cheat plugins, fan utilities, etc.

Q: Do i have to run the sample app again after reboot?
A: Yes, the changes being made are non-permanent.

Q: How many plugins at once does the payload support?
A: one.

Q: May I use the source code in my project?
A: As long as its an open source project, yes.

special thanks go to:
cobra for opensourcing and flatz for 4.50 symbols and helping me fix a bug

Latest Version : 1.2

Release Date: 2013/10/18

Notes for this version: 4.46 Cex issue introduced in version 1.0 is fixed now


Find download links for VSH PRX Loader below.

PRX Loader 1.02 Download from sendspace.com (indirect link)


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