Alchemy [Part Two] [Russian+English-MoD] [Think-Game]

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Alchemy [Part Two] [Russian+English-MoD] [Think-Game]
Title: Alchemy: Part 2
Version: v1.0.2 + MoD
Year: 2013
Type: HomeBrew
Firmware: All CFW
Language: Russian + English-MoD
Archive Size: 7.27Mb
Mix and match the elements to get new ones, which are also to be used in alchemical chain.
The point is simple: initially with four basic elements (fire, water, air and land),
and combining them together to open all the available items. Successful experiments.

Название: Алхимия: Часть 2
Версия: v1.0.2
Год выхода: 2013
Тип: HomeBrew
Прошивка: All CFW
Размер архива: 7.27Mb
Комбинируйте элементы чтобы получить новые, которые тоже нужно использовать в алхимической цепи.
Суть проста: изначально имея 4 базовых элемента (огонь, воду, воздух и землю)
и комбинируя их между собой открыть все доступные элементы. Удачных экспериментов.

Latest Version : Alchemy Part Two MOD

Release Date: -0001/11/30

Notes for this version: v1.0.2 MoD
Change Eboot icon (sign and unsign)
Change all Name (translate russia to english) of In Game pics
translate all in english
Change Intro
-Posted recognition game. Now, to find out what your part, you need to go on the cover of the game, choose Settings => Help.
Solves the problem of occurrence of elements of the inning.


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