Multi-Menu Loader (Unofficial)

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All PS Vita CEF users have heard of Mishka84's Multi-Menu Loader, which includes the menus made for eCFW & many other options, but don't confuse this with Acid_Snake's multiBootMenu.

This one's an unofficial v2 release, & in it the things users usually don't like are made better. Such as, they don't want a credits menu... removed! They don't like seeing the app name instead of seeing eCFW

This version has much better graphics in all menus, + Netfront Browser.

Latest Version : version 2.00 MOD

Release Date: 2013/01/22

Notes for this version: Thread on /Talk forum:

Mishka84 for the source code
NNNRT for the unofficial release
hgoel0974 for beta testing & some suggestions
And a big THANKS to all developers of eCFW & its menus:
Total_Noob, neur0n, Coldbird, Acid_Snake, Yosh, Mediumgauge, 5h4d0w, & Teck4


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