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A CTF Theme loader for your PSP

Latest Version : CXMB universal: 3.71 - 6.61 Classic & 6.61 Infinity

Release Date: 2016/03/17

Notes for this version: Changelog: small fix

Added support for firmware Classic and Infinity together.

Added compatibility Themes 6.35, 6.37, 6.38, 6.39, since they are based on a single core.
That is, Theme 6.35 should work on 6.39 and vice versa, or any other compatible firmware.
(see file syspatch.c - addressing getFindDriverAddr and getSysconfOffset)

Removed association mistake compatibility Themes 6.38-6.39 and 6.60-6.61, as they are not physically compatible by addressing.

Added compatibility Themes 6.60 and 6.61 as based on a single core.
That is, it is not necessary to convert Themes 6.60 to 6.61, and so they have to work at 6.61 Classic or Infinity.
(see file syspatch.c - addressing sceIOFileManager and getSysconfOffset).

In syspatch.c missing addressing getFindDriverAddr for fw 5.50. Found and added.


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