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Snake game in the style of fl0w.

Latest Version : 7.1

Release Date: 2007/01/11

Notes for this version: * Added proper suspend/resume code. app should behave nicely now for those who said it crashed on resume from standby mode. Please test this.
* Food spawns much faster now, almost immediately after consuming the last item.
* Tweaked the appearance rate of food items, red slowdowns should show up more now.
* Snake grows/shrinks very quickly now. Be careful where the tail is when you eat a yellow/blue item
* Added a counter to the scoreboard that shows how many segments have been accumulated over time..this is part of the scoring system.
* Enhanced the water effect, decreased the dampening some to make the waves more pronounced. The ring effects you saw before are now replaced by drops in the water field
* Replaced the default music loop with something not so fast. This is a bigger file tho, so there will be a pause at game startup
* The music loop MUST be less that 16777215 bytes. This is a limit in the playback system, the current one is just a little over 14 mb.


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SnakeSP - 7.1 Download from (indirect link)
SnakeSP updated for new Firmwares 3.xx and up Download from (indirect link)

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